Really disappointed with this company. Went on this site to buy some safes, and couldn't check out.

Called the company and they said that the information needs to match PUBLIC RECORDS. They pull your PUBLIC RECORDS in order for you to be able to order from them. I asked who is doing this? You need to disclose that you're doing this.

They said 'it's not illegal'. I said I don't care. It's WRONG. These companies keep wanting to collect everything about us like we're animals.

It's disgusting. I should be allowed to buy something without a background check being done on me.

Disgusting. Left the site and won't be doing business with them.

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Public record check is to keep certain products out of the hands of underage people. Its called Public Records for a reason...Anyone Anyone Anyone can pull that info.


I also left the site having trouble registering. I asked for help and they won't help.

The page kept saying: "age can't be verified". What a stupidity!

Take your money somewhere else!


The Reason Is Because The Shipment Has To Be Signed By Someone WhO Is 21, So They Check For That


Rolling Paper Depot . com doesn't do that! Best experience with them.

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